What is Zenith Bank Transfer Code: All You Need To Know

What's zenith bank transfer code, what is it all about, how can i use it to transfer money even to another bank, these are the questions people do ask when it comes ussd code transfer.

One of the convenient way for you transfer money from your account to another person with same bank or a different bank, is through the zenith bank transfer code. 

The code which can be used without turning on your internet data or WiFi network, can be done on a smartphone or a Nokia touch. This is the easiest of the zenith bank electronic banking in 2019. 

What's Zenith Bank Transfer Code 

Zenith bank or Eazybanking whichever you call it are the same, though the bank itself calls it's Zenith Eazybanking.

The *966# is a ussd by zenith bank, which enables their customers to have up to 65% control of their bank account. With the zenith bank transfer code, financial services is 24/7 on your fingertips as long as you have a network coverage around you.

The eazybanking has lots of features especially as it has reduced the huge number of people on customer service care and also the banking hall in general.


The major features of the Zenith bank transfer code include;
  1. Fastest means of buying airtime and Internet data bundle. Just a one quick click go and you have your airtime or data bundle.
  2. Fast money transfer, though you're limited to N100,000 without a token hardware 
  3. Convenient form of bill or utility payment of any type
  4. 24/7 available to you 

How to use Zenith bank transfer code 

What's zenith bank transfer code

I will start with the first and foremost which is usually buying of airtime and internet data bundle. 

So on your mobile phone dial *966*amount*phone number# or better still dial *966#, select option 4 which is for airtime and finally select for self or for others.

To transfer money from zenith bank account to another bank dial *966*amount*account number#. For example *966*50000*0216499766 on your registered phone number with zenith bank. 

Note that each transfer you make attracts a fee of N52 and you must have gotten your pin code for the transfer, else it won’t work.

To use your zenith bank to pay for bill like electricity or dstv subscription, dial *966*7*Amount*Customer ID#. 

For electricity bill, please if you are not on prepaid meter i won’t advise you to go for option. Postpaid requires one to print out the receipt while the prepaid meter is just to key in the token id number.

It's so easy to check your account balance using the zenith bank transfer code. 

Checking your zenith bank account balance isn’t difficult at all. All you have to do is to dial *966*00# on your phone, your current account details will display on your screen. 

Note that to check your account balance on zenith attracts a fee of N10 per check. If you do it twice that’s N20 or thrice which is N30.

Through zenith bank ussd transfer code, you can initially create a bank account with them after which you will go to the bank to complete the account creation.

Simply dial *966*0# and follow the onscreen prompts. An account number will be created automatically and sent to you via SMS. 

Account opening forms are NOT required for the signup process. Once you sign up, look out for your ten-digit account number (NUBAN).

You can deactivate your zenith bank mobile banking profile, to do that dial*966*20*0# on your mobile phone and follow the on-screen prompts.

You can block your naira debit card(atm) through zenith bank eazybanking, dial *966*60# and select option 6. To unblock it requires you going to the bank and speaking with the bank customer care representative.

There's so many thing that you can do with the zenith bank transfer code *966#, and mind you it doesn't require any registration like the internet banking or the mobile app. Just dial the code create your pin number and you're good to go. 
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